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Explore how to examine the total marketing value of your corporate email signatures in our white paper.

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Email signatures began as a rudimentary feature of email systems, allowing users to stake a claim on their own digital real estate.

However, depending on who you correspond with today, a typical inbox will feature messages with embedded logos, promotional banners, buttons, compliance notices, and pictures, along with personal contact data.

The genie is out of the bottle in terms of using email signatures for marketing purposes. When treated as a dedicated channel, email signatures offer so much value beyond just being a simple contact block.

This white paper will:

Examine the total marketing value of email signatures as digital real estate and attempt to put a price on it.

Explore the strategic and operational importance of developing a new metric to size and track the marketing value of email signatures.

Learn how to measure email signature marketing by using Equivalent Advertising Value (EAV).

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