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Using Exclaimer vs Microsoft Exchange [Comparison]

Brought to you by Exclaimer

Using email signature software is a great way to manage email signatures processed by Exchange. Let’s see how managing Exchange signatures in Exclaimer compares to just using the in-built editor in Microsoft Exchange.

Exclaimer is designed specifically for Exchange signature management, so it works with:

  • Exchange 2019

  • Exchange 2016

  • Exchange 2013

Drag-and-drop Signature Designer

Exclaimer comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop signature editor, so you no longer have to worry about coding HTML. Create dynamic signatures, easily add promotional banners, user photos or social media icons, and see instant updates.

The editor is so easy to use, you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it! You can hand the reins over to your Marketing department to create professional, branded signatures.

Advanced user management

You also have the option to give multiple people access to Exclaimer, and with our advanced user management feature, you can easily assign admin or editor roles. Even better, they don’t have to be an IT administrator to use it!

The most secure Exchange signature management solution

Exclaimer was the first cloud-based email signature solution to be accredited with the ISO/IEC 27001 Certification for Information Security Management. This means it is the most secure Exchange signature solution available.

Nothing to install

Exclaimer does not require any installations or downloads; email signatures are created and managed via a web portal which can be accessed from anywhere. This makes managing signatures much simpler, as you’re not restricted to one device.

Office 365 ready

The only requirement to use Exclaimer is for an organization’s local Active Directory to be synchronized and configured with Azure AD.

However, it's designed to be a future-proof solution, easily allowing for a migration to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). When you decide to migrate to the cloud, your email signatures will transition seamlessly with you.

Exclaimer Microsoft Exchange
Allows entry of HTML
Allows entry of Plain Text
Allows multiple policies per email
Ability to create signatures with a disclaimer/marketing messages inline
Separate signature for new messages and replies/forwards
Automatically apply signatures to users via Azure AD/Active Directory
Email signatures updates automatically applied once deployed
Give different signatures to individual users, certain departments, office locations, etc.
Suppress missing contact information where appropriate
Schedule signatures with a time-and-date range
Test which signature will apply for a certain user
Full HTML signatures on all devices including mobiles
Force default branding & consistency
Embedded images on emails when sent from any device
Apply signatures based on the recipient’s domain or email address
See signatures while composing an email in Outlook
Drag-and-drop Signature Designer (no knowledge of HTML required)
Manage via a browser from any Internet-enabled machine
Automatic updates/upgrades
Can display personalized contact details in any font
Ability to preview created email signature template
Give editor or admin permissions to specific users regardless of department
Guarantee use of your custom font/s
Group signatures into folders and add restrictions/rules
Hosted exclusively in Azure (no need for physical infrastructure)
Share access with users in non-IT departments
No service account or local installations require
Supports Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-lingual interface

Using Exchange email signature software by Exclaimer

Exclaimer email signature software guarantees that every email sent by your organization will have a full HTML email signature with static text, imagery and dynamic fields. That means any email from any device or client, including mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs.

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